Actual Science - Dr. Ryan Cole, the Data Speaks the Truth


We have discovered another wonderful doctor. Dr. Ryan Cole is yet another highly trained doctor who talks with us about vitamin D, among other things, and all things COVID-related.

Here is his bio

"Dr. Cole is a board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and the CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics. He has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004. Some highlights from his CV: Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology (July 2002-June 2003): Dermatopathology Fellowship (Chief Fellow). Mayo Clinic (July 1997-June 2002): Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Chief Fellow, Surgical Pathology Fellowship. Medical College of Virginia (1993-1997): Researched immunology. Served as President of Student Family Practice organization. Coordinated activities and seminars on the practice of family medicine and rural medicine. Earned MD in 1997."

Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics on Vitamin D, Ivermectin, "Vaccines"

Health Impact News on Rumble
April, 2, 2021
28:48 minutes


Here is the video transcript for those readers or scanners in the crowd.

I appreciate the applause. You don't know what I've said yet. So hopefully, there will still be some at the end. 

I'm Dr. Ryan Cole; I run Cole Diagnostics. It's one of the largest independent laboratories in the state of Idaho, and I started it 17 years ago. I'm a Mayo Clinic-trained board-certified pathologist, board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. So yes, I have expertise in immunology and biology. I also have subspecialty expertise in skin pathology. So I do a lot of skin cancer diagnostics as well. 

I've seen about 350,000 patients in my career. We've done about 100,000 COVID tests in the past year. So it is right up my alley. And so, I'm not just blowing smoke today; this is my area of expertise. I want to be able to share with you today actual science. You know, we get a lot of politics from one side, the other side; I'm not here to offend one side or the other. I'm here to speak data. And the data speaks the truth. And so I have no agenda; I just want people to understand one: What public health messages have we been missing? What treatment should be available to everybody? I want to talk a little bit about the quote, vaccines. And then I want to open it up to questions because I could talk on this for probably three hours or three weeks. 

So you know, this, I've only read maybe 6000 articles in the last year, only seen, you know, like I said, 100,000 patients. So hopefully, buckle up and learn something useful. If one person walks away and I help save a life, then I've accomplished my purpose here today. So thank you for the opportunity. Thank you to my friend Craig in the back. I know he's got some handouts if some people are interested as well. So thanks for inviting me. And thanks to the lieutenant governor's office as well. I'm honored to be here. 

All right. Dustin, my friend, let's advance here, and we shall proceed. He's the man with the magical buttons. Yeah, go to the next slide there if you could, please. Oh, it's right there. This is where we are right now. So does that look like a pandemic? It's not anymore. We're in an endemic now statistically; the pandemic is over in Idaho. You statistically, once were below a set percentage, we are not in a pandemic right now. Is the disease present? Sure it is. Is it widespread? No. You know, we're still doing maybe 500 to 600 patient tests a day. At most, we're seeing 2% per day right now. And so the numbers are going way down. So yeah, we are past a pandemic stage. We're in an endemic stage; in most states, we are, there's numbers are still high in a few states. But we're getting past that point. And here's why; coronaviruses are seasonal. They follow a six to nine-month life cycle, and no matter what we do, they're going to do what they do, and then they're going to fade. 

What happened to SARS? What happened to MERS? What did we do to stop them? Nothing. They did their thing. Average COVID-19 death age 78.6 average age of death in North America every year 78.6. That's fascinating. What are our highest risk factors? Obesity, low vitamin D levels, advanced age 90% of deaths in the state have been over 70 years of age. That's the at-risk population. We have stopped our society for something that's taking people that are already at that death risk age anyway. 

The virus is fragile. These are just little tidbits. It's fragile. It doesn't live outside; UV light fractionated kills it blows it apart. Ventilation in the wind blows it away. It is insanity to wear a mask outside. It is absolute insanity. And that's science. That's science. There is not one study that has shown any super spreader event to have occurred outside. They have all been indoors with poor ventilation. 

All right, the biggest lost message on this entire pandemic is vitamin D. There is no such thing, and if that can give one message to all of you for every winter and autumn for the rest of your lives, there is no such thing as flu and cold season. There is only low vitamin D season. Vitamin D: Every cell in your body, every nucleus, has a receptor for vitamin D on it. 2000 genes in your body are controlled by vitamin D. 5% of your body's genome is controlled by vitamin D. It is the master key to your immune system The Master Key. If one has a level and mid-range, you cannot develop a cytokine storm. 

Data shows: What kills people? Cytokine storm. If you are in mid-level range, you will not die from COVID because you cannot get a cytokine storm. Alright, so we don't just have a viral pandemic; we have an international vitamin D deficiency pandemic; i.e., 70% of the world is immune-suppressed. 70%. 70 to 80% of all Americans are immune-suppressed because they are D deficient. 82 to 88% of nursing home patients are D deficient; who's dying at the highest rate? Nursing home patients. 83% of African Americans, 70% of Latinos, 72% of Native Americans, 47% of Caucasians are insufficient, and 70% are deficient. And while 47% are deficient, 870% of Caucasians are insufficient. 80% of all hospitalized patients statistically are vitamin D deficient. 96% of people in the ICU are vitamin D deficient. If you are D deficient, you are immune-suppressed; you are susceptible to the common cold, the flu, Coronavirus of any sort, bacterial pneumonia, etc, etc etc. 

The best mask of all is a healthy immune system, and a healthy immune system does not occur if you don't have the normal range? Well, how do we get the sunshine? You know, we synthesize it through our skin. Above the 35th parallel in the world or below the 35th parallel for four to five months of the year, you cannot synthesize vitamin D through your skin.The older you get, the harder it becomes, as well. Vitamin D is critical. Every Idahoan, if you do not supplement your vitamin D deficiency, you are immune-suppressed in the fall and the winter. So here's a good map of the 35th parallel. Anybody above that line is vitamin D deficient all winter long. So you can run outside naked, thinking you're getting sunshine from October through March like this fine gentleman here in the snow, and the amount of vitamin D you will synthesize from October through March outdoors running naked in your tutu is zero. Absolutely zero. If you do not supplement with vitamin D in the wintertime, you are immune suppressed. 

Most insurance companies in Idaho and northern states do not pay for a vitamin D test, unfortunately. In other countries, Scandinavians test their citizens twice a year. They supplement 35 foods on their food shelves with vitamin D. Why is Finland, Norway, Sweden doing so well? They take care of the public health of their individuals. They know that this is public health message number one for their immune health, so they do something about it. 

80% of Americans also are magnesium deficient. Our soils are depleted; vitamin D and magnesium play a fine dance; you need them both to work together in order to have a functional immune system. We're also zinc deficient. 70 to 80% of us in this room, diet, diet, diet diet, what you eat matters, it affects your immune health. Obesity drastically reduces your ability to get vitamin D into your circulation. D is a fat-soluble vitamin, the heavier set you are, the more it goes into your fat, not into your circulation to stimulate your immune system. 

Normal D levels also decrease colon cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer rates, depression rates, suicide rates. Eight of the 10 highest suicide states are northern-tiered states, go figure, because vitamin D is not a vitamin; it's a prohormone. And again, it affects 1000s of genes in your body. You get a deep level up to normal; you decrease risk for all of these things, not just COVID. Most physicians, unfortunately, don't know how critical this is. 

This should be public health message from the pulpits of Washington to the pulpits of every state where we're pulling our hair, Henny Penny; the sky is falling. Oh, no, oh, no. What really matters is, if you have a healthy immune system, you have a healthy population. And we are not emphasizing that it's, Oh gosh, its mass consistence, there's nothing we can do. There is something we can do; give the right message. And the right message is you can take control of your immune health; you can do something about it. You know, what goes into your body does matter. Public health officials have ignored this critical message. Normal D levels decrease your COVID symptom severity risk for hospitalization by 90%. That's the world data. 

Now there have been a lot of placebo-controlled trials that show this all around the world. It is scientific fact, not just a correlation, like a lot of doctors will tell, Oh gosh, that's that vitamin stuff. I'm like, No, it's an essential part of the human body. It is an essential prohormone that your body naturally makes in the sunshine from spring through summer—only a couple of hours a day. We can get into that later if there's questions because there's only about a three-hour window a day without your sunscreen. Don't tell the dermatologist that answer. You need to be outside for 20 to 30 minutes during the spring and summer to get natural vitamin D. In the fall in the winter; you need to supplement to boost your immune system. The darker your skin, the further north you live, the harder it is to synthesize vitamin D. That's why the hospitalization and the death rates in the darker-skinned populations. It is not social disparity. It is plain and simple biology. It is biology; the darker your skin, the further north you live, the lower your Vitamin D level, the higher your risk for COVID and all other illnesses. 

So, you know, I understand there are some social disparities in our society, and you know, we can't fix that right away, but I hope we're working on it. But the biology of the disease is the darker you live further from the equator, the less vitamin D you synthesize, the more immune-suppressed you are. There is a cool little app called Dminder and the RDA, the recommended daily allowance that was after World War II to sustain basic life. The amount that they give, there's like a drop of water in the ocean that they recommend. It is nonsense, absolute nonsense. There's a cool app; it's called Dminder. And it shows you when you can synthesize your vitamin D. 

So our esteemed Dr. Fauci said in an interview in November, Well, gosh, I take eight to 9000 units of vitamin D a day in the winter. Yet inexplicably, that's not a public health message. And a little side interview, I'm like, Well, gosh, you know it. You know, it affects your immune health. You work for the government and have been in there for 40 years. Make that a message to everybody, please. So what should public health message number one, two, and three be? Vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D. Number four, decreased societal obesity: cut out the sugar, cut out the processed foods, cut out the carbohydrates, those are all inflammatory. The more inflamed you are going into an illness, the worse you will do. 

Obesity is a predisposed inflammatory state. If you are obese, you are inflamed. I don't say that to offend anybody. But I lost 45 pounds eight years ago; I've kept it off; ask me later about that. But it contributes to countless diseases, you know. 

Is there a treatment for outpatient COVID? Is there a treatment? You know, unfortunately, the three-letter federal government agencies have practiced therapeutic nihilism, apathy, complete apathy. No, gosh, if you get sick, go home; if your lips turn blue, then go to the hospital. You can't breathe; go to the hospital. When in the history of medicine, have we said to someone, Oh, gosh, you have pneumonia. But once you're sick enough to be hospitalized in the ICU will give you an antibiotic for pneumonia. Insanity, insanity. We as physicians have collectively lost our medical minds to say, Well, gosh, you have an illness that we know is killing people around the world; why don't you just go home and see how you do? Insanity. The earlier you treat, the more complications you can decrease down the road. And you know what? There's a treatment. 

Unfortunately, if there's a treatment for a disease, the federal government cannot approve a vaccine by law, by rule. So the NIH who is involved in our approving medications. They call hold the patent on the quote vaccine with Moderna. If the fox is not guarding the henhouse there, I don't know who is. That also is insanity to have the government in bed with a private company vending a product that they want to give to everybody. 

And so when they look at the potential quote therapeutics; hydroxychloroquine, I'm not going to talk about because it's pretty controversial, I have my opinions, I took it for 10 months, I've swabbed 1000s of sick people, I never got COVID, so that's my story on that one. There's a better medication. I'm going to discuss that next. 

Conflict of Interest: Federal government in bed with a vaccine company, absolute conflict. They don't want a therapy to work because then they can vend vaccines. However, next slide, they've tried Remdesivir six months ago. The World Health Organization said to stop using Remdesivir; It does not add survival rate to anybody. $3,000 a pop. What are our hospitals still doing? Giving Remdesivir. When does Remdesivir work? The first two to three days of disease when the virus is replicating. By the time you're hospitalized, you are in a hyper-immune phase of a disease. Your immune system is what the hospitalists are trying to tune down. Remdesivir, again, it's like peeing on a forest fire. It does nothing at that point because the virus is already maximally replicated. Remdesivir, expensive benefit to the pharmaceutical companies in their back pocket, have no benefit to your health. Convalescent plasma. When does it work? The first two to three days of disease when the virus is replicating. Do people get that outpatient? No, they don't. They only get it in the hospital when it's not effective. Monoclonal antibodies: When do those work? The first couple days of disease when the virus is replicating. By the time you're in hospital, when the viruses reach maximal replication, does it work? No, it doesn't. Do steroids work? To a degree. They do once you're at an inflammatory stage in the hospital. Yes. 

Enter an effective prevention and treatment, Ivermectin: So, a lot of you may, we're in farm country, horse country, you give it to your dogs, your cats, your horses. It's an anti-parasitic. But it's a molecule. It doesn't read the textbook and say I can only kill parasites. It's a molecule. And fascinatingly, it works against viruses, too, not just harsh Coronavirus, but a bunch of other viruses, as well. So in August of last year, we found out that it killed Coronavirus, 99.9% in petri dish studies. The NIH, what did they do? For reasons I already explained, they recommended against it. And they did it on monkey cells instead of human lung cells. They're like, Oh, the dose would have to be too high. They fudged the data, unfortunately. It works. It works. So what did the rest of the world do while we said, everybody go home and let your lips turn blue and then come to the hospital. The rest of the world said, Well, let's try it. 

So what did the rest of the world do? A lot of trials. Four billion people on the planet have taken this medication since the 1980s. This medication won the Nobel Prize for the discoverer. It is that safe. It is on the world's safest and most essential drugs list. Four billion people have taken it, with only one or two deaths out of four billion of those people had a genetic disorder. Super, super, super safe. We've given it to people at 30 to 40 times recommended dose; no adverse effect. And again, therapeutic nihilism here, we're finally just starting to do some studies. 

Some brave doctors in Texas, in Florida, in Wisconsin have been using it in their hospitals. They have decreased their death rates by 70 to 90% in their hospitals. 70 to 90 in Houston, one hospital is using it now. All the hospitals in Houston are using it because they saw what the one brave doctor was doing. It is an approved medication; it is safe. Is it off-label? Yes. Is the FDA approving it yet? No. Because the smart doctors around the world they're like, Oh, they're not smart enough. Only American doctors are smart. We have to do the trials here. Meanwhile, Pfizer got their approval from studies overseas, not done here. 

So it's absolutely hypocritical of our three-letter agencies to be approving certain things that were done overseas, and then not approving things that were done overseas, placebo-controlled trials there, 15,000 patients in meta-analysis. It has decreased the death rate. No matter what your therapy is, Ivermectin, if that's added to the mix, it decreases the death rate by 75%. If given early by 86%. What does that mean? Of the half-million deaths we'd have in North America, we would have 375,000 less deaths. There's blood on the hands of bureaucrats in Washington who have suppressed this life-saving medication, blood on the hands of those individuals. 

How much does it cost? Two cents. In India, an entire province, 200 million people, COVID's gone. They put little blister packs together for two cents, give it out to their entire population. They're at their grocery stores; they're at their theaters; they're walking around there. They're living a normal life, wherever it has been given in the world. They're back to normal life. In the US, it's compounded for about two to $5 per dose; you can get a full course of treatment for under $30 and decrease the death rate by 75 to 86%. 

So finally, some of the data from the world was presented, and the NIH hemmed and hawed. They only looked at 11 studies instead of the 10s and 10s and 10s and 10s of other studies. And they're like, Well, there's one that shows may be no benefit. 100% of the world trials have shown benefit; decreases acquisition prophylactically. I've been on it for two months now. In Argentina, in a hospital trial prevented 100% of acquisition, and healthcare workers 800 doctors nurses were given it during their big outbreak. Of the 800, zero got COVID placebo group 57% got COVID that were not on Ivermectin. Scandinavian studies prevented acquisition by 88%. Multiple mechanisms of action of this molecule: Don't have time, long medical lecture, but it's fun to know. The beauty of it, it can cover all the variants because of its mechanisms, all the variants, unlike oh, we're going to have to give you a new formulation of this vaccine or that vaccine or that vaccine. No. The mechanisms of the action of this molecule against this virus don't stop. 

There's a great website, FLCCC dotnet. These are the doctors that are the frontline pushing this forward. And they're the ones that got the NIH to finally listen to finally take a neutral stance to unshackle the hands of physicians that can prescribe it. I can say that I've saved 42 lives in the last two months. I don't prescribe very often. I'm generally behind the microscope or in the lab, but from one case to another, nobody is doing anything. Elderly, obese, 83-year-old, 72-year-old, asthmatic diabetic to a tee, every person that's had COVID I've treated with this has been better in 12 to 48 hours. 12 to 48 hours to a tee. 42 people. That's a small case series of patients. I know it works. 

Vaccines. Okay, I'm going to be a little controversial here and may frustrate a few people. By definition, a vaccine historically is giving a protein or an antigen or a part of a pathogen and or a whole killed pathogen. Injecting a sequence of mRNA into a human being is a medical device. Historically, what we're doing right now does not fall under the definition of a vaccine. They shifted the verbiage in some of the Federal Register back in October so they could approve this. So it was a sleight of hand to change the verbiage. What we have right now is an experimental biological gene therapy, immune-modulatory injection. We are injecting people with a synthetic sequence of nucleic acid. We have never done this on a large scale in human history. 

mRNA trials in mammals have led to odd cancers. mRNA trials on mammals have led to autoimmune diseases - not right away, six, nine, 12 months later. So what we're doing right now are not approved vaccines. And so everybody, how do you create demand?  You create scarcity? Oh, gosh, we can't get a shot. We can't get a shot. Well, it's a beautiful marketing ploy to be able to say, gosh, there's a low supply so that everybody wants it now. Well, everybody may want it. But the long-term safety data is not there. 50% of healthcare providers are absolutely not getting this injection. And that's a reason. We don't trust the data. 

The fox guarded the henhouse. The companies did their own data. There were no independent observer groups looking at the data. Do the shots decrease the severity of disease and hospitalization? Well, they seem to be, but they don't fall under the definition of creating pure immunity and preventing transmission. If you're immune after an injection, why in the world would you still have to mask and social distance? That is an admission that they don't know that it's a vaccine. And that's an absurdity. 

There's no long-term proven safety. My biggest concern, honestly, is anti-body-dependent enhancement reaction. You get a shot; you're fine. Look, it's preventing this, preventing that. I'm not anti-Vax, no tinfoil hat. I've had lots of vaccines. My kids have had vaccines, so that's fine. But if you get a Coronavirus shot, historically SARS, MERS, animal coronaviruses, you get a shot. When you're exposed to a wild-type variant of the virus, six, nine, 12 months later, the immune system can go haywire. In the SARS vaccine trials in the ferrets and the monkeys, 100%... 100% of the animals, when exposed to wild-type virus, ended up with immune reaction. 

I'm sorry, I'm probably going too long. I'll just wrap it up. 

So the vaccines are an experiment on society. 

Here's my comment on masks. Two states, one with mask, the esteemed Governor Noem. All right masks, business restrictions, no masks, no business restrictions. There's your curve of Coronavirus. You can draw your own conclusion as to whether masks do anything. I can tell you they do not. 

Conclusions. Lots of conclusions here. Public health message number one: prohormones/vitamin D, critical to every Idahoians immune health. That should be a public message, number one every fall and winter, for every year for the next 100 years. Absolutely. Two: There is an outpatient early effective prevention and treatment for COVID - Ivermectin. Number three: Your body, your choice. In my opinion, the vaccine is unproven and long-term safety is not there. 

We are at an endemic now. We are not in a pandemic. That's my two cents on Coronavirus. I know I'm out of time, and so thank you for the opportunity.

It occurs to me that, unfortunately, those bombarding us with messaging every day regarding COVID-19 don't really care about our health. If they did, they would be giving us essential information, but they are not; they are keeping that information for themselves. Moreover, they have conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical companies, which are creating some of the medicines and so-called vaccines. Please take note of what Dr. Fauci said about his own habits concerning taking vitamin D supplements.

In addition to the studies shown by Dr. Cole in the above video, I am sharing a list of studies done concerning vitamin D and COVID-19. Please click the photo to follow the link for the studies.

Database of all vitamin D COVID-19 studies. Sufficiency studies analyze outcomes based on vitamin D levels, confounding factors may be significant. Treatment studies directly analyze the effect of vitamin D treatment. provides treatment recommendations. Submit updates/corrections.

I am also including a link to the studies showing the effectiveness of Ivermectin. Please click the photo to follow the link for the studies.

Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies. 108 studies, 66 peer-reviewed, 63 with results comparing treatment and control groups. FLCCC provides treatment recommendations. Ivermectin-related news can be found on Telegram channels BiRD and FLCCC. Submit updates/corrections.

The bottom line is this; if you value your health and the health of your loved ones, it is okay as well as necessary to do your own research. Unfortunately, Google makes it difficult to near impossible to find the kind of research that I have highlighted here. You should probably be asking yourself why that is. So, the "google researcher/doctor" title bandied about by individuals who want to make fun of those who do actual research is pretty lame. Hundreds of brave doctors and scientists have differing views from the mainstream narrative. Hundreds of brave doctors are calling out the mainstream narrative as well as treating their own patients with medications that actually work. 

You should probably realize by now that pharmaceutical companies are convicted felons, and yet none of their CEOs go to prison for murdering or killing their patients. At the most, they get what amounts to a slap on the wrist with a fine that is easy to pay for billion-dollar corporations. It is figured into their bottom line as a cost of doing business. I am sure the wise among can think of a few examples of this.


"A new study published August 5, 2021, in the Annals of Medicine and Surgery demonstrates that vitamin D levels strongly correlate with the severity and survivability of COVID-19.

"Researchers looked at several comorbidities besides vitamin D status and found that "among all variables, age, diabetes, hypertension, and clinical severity were associated with the worst outcome."

"With vitamin D levels, the outcomes were so compelling that study authors called them "statistically significant," adding, "Vitamin D status appears to be strongly associated with COVID-19 clinical severity. After COVID-19 confirmation, Vitamin D level should be measured in all patients, and curative plus preventive therapy should be initiated."'


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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 5 months ago
    Thank you!!! Bravo! Finally the TRUTH!
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    Unfortunately a LOT of people are in denial. My thoughts are that they are sincerely regretting having fallen for the "get the jab to save your family" LIE.

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    Good for him. It would be interesting to know what kind of threats this good doctor has received for telling the truth. The pharma mafia, no doubt, would have their "six ways from Sunday" for shutting down truth tellers.
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