Pence: Will He or Won't He? Does it Matter?

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UPDATE Jan 5 Pence has become the MAGA MAN OF THE HOUR, a tweet by Trump (see article) made sure of that, a day before the Joint Session of Congress to Certify or Decertify the Electoral College Votes.

Some say Pence will be the man to save Trump's presidency on January 6, some say he's with the enemy, some even say it's ridiculous to put the fate of the nation on one guy like that.

We are watching a movie, because it was without a doubt a RED TSUNAMI landslide for Trump and the attempted steal of it was so obviously a big bear trap for psychopathic criminals that thought they controlled us forever. "They never thought she would lose."

January 5 tweets on this issue

Lin on Pence replied by Sidney

This has not been proven. It's just Attorney Woods personal concerns. @SidneyPowell1 via Twitter


Late December tweets (before the New Year)


Thread Retweeted by Sidney Powell Dec. 29

Parley SC Joe M 12 27 dont need pence

Joe M about Pence
The whole thread here from the Thread Reader...
"Pence doesn’t have to play a card. In fact, he can put the cards in his pocket or throw them out the window. He doesn’t have to choose Trump’s electoral votes. He doesn’t have to choose Biden’s. Let me explain why this is the easiest option for him on the 6th. A thread -
"If Pence opens and counts only the dem electoral votes, there must be an objection… blah blah. 
"If Pence opens and counts only the repub electoral votes, there must be an objection (and there would likely be an appeal to SCOTUS and there will be major fallout)… 
"BUT, if Pence does what he is legally required to do under the ECA (assuming it is binding and constitutional – that’s another story) he must open ALL the certificates AND PAPERS PURPORTING TO BE CERTIFICATES of the electoral votes. 
"He then could suggest a set to count (it’s been done) and I believe that Pence would be within his powers to do just that. But what if he didn’t? He doesn’t have to. He can open them both and make the Houses do the dirty work. 
"If the drafters of the ECA intended the VP to open only the votes certified by the governors, they would’ve said so.
"They were obviously not trying to be brief in their drafting. 
"As I’ve said before, getting wound up about the words “certificates” and “certified” is pointless. Get wound up about the words “all” and “purporting.” They were put there for a reason. 
"The ECA says if there is more than one return or paper “purporting” to be a return from a state, 
"A) If we are acting under the safe harbor: the votes for a candidate will only be counted where the two Houses acting separately shall concurrently decide is supported by the decision of the state SO AUTHORIZED BY ITS LAWS;
B) If we are not acting under the safe harbor: the votes for a candidate will only be counted where the two Houses concurrently decide that the votes were cast by LAWFUL ELECTORS APPOINTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAWS OF THE STATE. 
"In either situation, the Houses must concurrently agree that the same set of votes were lawful in order for them to be counted. 
"I know some Senators would find it difficult to “object” to a set of votes should only one be put forth, but I think many of them would be hard-pressed to choose between the two sets of electors and say that either meets all the legal requirements needed for counting. 
"Think of the RINOs and weaklings, many of their states voted for Trump. They’d be voting against their state’s choice while saying obviously fraudulent votes and corrupt counting methods are “legal.” 
"The Senate can say neither set are lawful. They can say the republican set are lawful. They just can’t say the democratic set are lawful. 
"Then, the vote will be decided by our Senators and Representatives. That’s not disenfranchisement. That’s the Constitution. 
"That’s all that has to happen. Present both sets. Hold the Senate. Four more years. 
"Call and write your Senators. Call and write someone else's Senators. We must hold the Senate."



b2ap3 large SC Charlie Kirk podcast

Charlie Kirk Breaks Down the Jan 6 Electoral College Vote Count

Breaking down three possible outcomes that lie ahead for President Trump in the U.S. Senate, Charlie makes the case for Vice President Pence's 'plenary' powers according to the Constitution and why he has not only the power but the precedent to cast out or simply not count contested electors from states where large voter irregularities or clearly unconstitutional voting laws were enacted against the authority of state legislatures. Charlie also skewers Rep. Cleaver for ending his congressional prayer in 'amen and awomen' before making the moral case for all Georgia patriots to get out and vote.

Jan 6 poster

"Will Be Wild"

Trump Dec. 18 Tweet: "Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!"

The President is scheduled to address the nation from The Ellipse on Wednesday, January 6 at 11:00 AM EST

The Joint Session of Congress to Count Electoral Votes scheduled for 1:00 PM EST

reclaim your republic

Reclaiming a Superpower

Trump Landslide 2020: Americans Prepare for War

On the eve of the Georgia US Senate runoff election and only two days before the globally anticipated Jan. 6 Joint Session of Congress on the Electoral College Vote, famed Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out a 15-page 2020 Election analysis by an anonymous source that makes the case for a potential wartime footing for these united States of America against enemies, foreign and domestic. We have the document included here.

b2ap3 large TW Vid SC Meme Adm Rogers What part of WE HAVE IT ALL do you not understand

"What part of, WE HAVE IT ALL, do you not understand?"

A wartime Christmas once again for America. We win.



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